Polar Personal Trainer

A polar personal trainer is designed to aid fitness and training, but works through a heart rate monitor to ensure that it targets your specific and unique needs.  The first polar heart rate monitor was invented in the late seventies, after their company was launched in Finland, and they have been revising their technology ever since.  Their aim is to continue improving fitness and health technology, after inventing the first wireless heart rate monitor.  Since their launch, they have developed many different products and have teamed up with companies like Adidas to target the fitness and training industry.

There are many different types of programmes incorporated into the polar personal trainer, designed to ensure that whoever is using one, from someone who just wants to lose weight to a professional athlete, is getting the best work-out for their needs.  The polar personal trainer includes one for fitness improvement, one for cycling, one for cross-training, one for endurance athletes, one for strength training and one for optimized training.  Many people also aren’t sure what type of exercises they should be doing, which is what the device aims to target by helping the user with their specific needs.

The idea behind the polar personal trainer is that your progress can be monitored by transferring data from the device to a computer.  In this way, the user can see how they are improving on a continuous time base, whether it is daily, weekly or for a longer period.  The aim is for fitness and health to be taken one step further where users can actually analyze the exercise and workouts that they are doing and the benefits it has on the body.  The information is also logged into a diary, so that the user has daily workouts planned for their training programmes.

There is also a ‘polar community’ where the user of the polar personal trainer can share information with other users, compare workouts, and even compete in terms of goals.  The aim is also for more advanced athletes to have a platform where they can share their training programmes and improve their own by optimizing the information that is available to them.  More advanced athletes can also avoid arriving at an event under-prepared or completely burnt out or can share common mistakes that they have made in training to help others avoid doing the same.

Polar personal trainers were also designed to encourage the athlete to listen to his body because it works with the user’s heart rate.  Because of this, the athlete can ensure that they do the right kind of activity which is benefitting their health as this can all be monitored.  The monitoring is also said to work more effectively in tracking how fitness programmes are improving the user’s health by seeing the effect on the heart.

The polar personal trainer also has a GPS sensor fitted, so that the user can monitor distances and the geography of their training.  Vitality points at certain medical aid companies can also be earned by using the device.

Over thirty years later, the Polar companies are all over the world with a variety of products under their belt.  The polar personal trainer is one of their advancements, designed to target the user specifically in terms of both health and fitness.

Polar FT80G1HRM with Chest Transmitter Polar G1 Speed and Distance sensor Transfer data between the training computer and polarpersonaltrainer.com with Polar Flowlink